5 Steps to Spotting a Fake Shure SM58

1. The Capsule

  • On a SM58, unscrew the windscreen. Look at the capsule on the top of the microphone. On fake SM58, you’ll find a “CAUTION” sticker wrapped around the capsule head. This is not on authentic microphones. 
  • The foamy bit on top of the fake mic is black, on the real one it is grey.
  • The part where you screw on the windscreen should be shiny silver, not dull black in colour.
2. The Wires 
On both the SM58 and SM57, carefully unscrew the microphone in the middle. You’ll see the inside of the microphone, with two wires leading between the sections. On the genuine microphones, these are yellow and green colored, and on many fakes, they’ve followed this color scheme; however, if they’re a different color (eg. black and red), chances are you’re looking at a fake.
3. Contour or No Contour?
Look at the round metal piece that connects the windscreen to the body of the mic. On a fake SM58, the round metal piece is smooth without any contour, on a real mic there is a very visible contour.
4. Inside the Mic Bag
Unzip the Shure mic bag that comes in the package. On the real one, there will be a “MADE IN CHINA'” tag, on the fake one , there is no tag.
5. Shure Sticker and Cable Tie?
Check your package, the fake mics usually comes with fake warranty and manuals, but they are most likely missing the Shure Sticker and Cable Tie.
So there you have it! The 5 steps to spotting a fake Shure SM58! But if you are not satisfied..
Here are more ways to spot a fake SM58:
  • Unscrew the microphone in the middle. Now, look at the circuit board on the lower half. Genuine microphones will have a quality control stamp in red lettering. These will be omitted on the counterfeit mics.
  • The fake microphone will weigh noticeably less than the authentic mic.
  • The box and instructions are of a lower print quality, you can tell they are a photo copy of the originals, the colour isn’t as rich and the print is slightly blurred.
  • The band round the middle of the grill/windscreen is wider, the fake band is 5mm whereas the genuine ones is 4mm.
  • When the grill is removed, the foamy bit on the top of the fake mic is black, on the real one it is grey.
  • The microphone bag is of a lower quality, the real one is longer 10″ the fake one only 8.5″
  • On the real microphone bag, the embossed SHURE logo is visible from inside the bag.
  • A fake SM58 will sound very bright and harsh with moderate gain applied. A genuine 58 will sound like, well, a 58 — smooth in the lows and midrange, with a slightly recessed and pleasant high end. A genuine 57 will give lush midrange tone with great low end response — a counterfeit will not produce similar results.
Joe Shambro, About.com, “How to Spot a Fake Shure mic guide”
jawa3521’s “Beware! ! Fake Shure SM58 microphones!!!!”

7 Responses to 5 Steps to Spotting a Fake Shure SM58

  1. Norvin says:

    my sure Mic is made in China but the only difference i spotted was its wires are green and blue 🙂

    • stockspoker says:

      hi norvin, i’m sure there are some minor differences even among the original shure mics. And the color of the wires could just be one of them.

      I would say that as long as your mic..
      1. DOES NOT have the “Caution sticker” on the capsule (step 1 in my post)
      2. Has a countour on the neck of the mic (step 3)
      3. Has a “Made in China” sticker in your mic bag (Step 4)

      You could be pretty sure that yours is most likely an original.

  2. Tracy Latham says:

    I just sent Shure CS detailed pics of 3 shure SM series mics I bought second handed. They were unable to determine their authenticity but said they could if I send them in. Apparently the counterfeiters are now that good. At this point, I wouldl not buy a gently used 57 or 58, sm or beta, any more without the proper authentication by Shure.

  3. Bryan sabu says:

    I have a shure sm58 wireleSs mic and it has a caution sticker but the bag the manual and the case and the receiver I received with are all original
    is my mic a fake?

    • stockpoker says:

      Hi I’m not too sure about the wireless version. If the caution sticker looks exactly like the one in the first pic, I might be more suspect because this sticker seems to only appear on fake sm58s.

  4. I wanted to thank you for this information. I recently purchased an SM58 from eBay, and sure enough, it showed some telltale signs of being counterfeit. I then purchased a new one from a trusted seller and the differences are made even more clear. At the same time it seems some of the telltale signs have been addressed by the counterfeiters so i wanted to give you an update on what I’ve seen.

    Differences that still exist:
    * Windscreen threads: the real one has metal threads while the fake has black plastic threads
    * The fake includes the “Caution” sticker
    * The fake has black foam rather than grey
    * Bag on the real one has “Made in china” and has more of a matte finish
    * The real one is noticeably heavier (admittedly, the real one i bought includes a switch so this will account for some of the extra weight)

    Things that are no longer distinctive:
    * Both now have green and yellow wires
    * Both now have the contour (there is virtually no way to tell from the exterior which is fake IMO)
    * Both have realistic stickers and cable ties included in the box
    * The embossed Shure logo on the bag is nearly identical
    * Both include numbers for the pins

    Other differences:
    * The real one DOES NOT HAVE ANY STICKER on the capsule itself
    * The FAKE has the red stamp on the circuit, the real one doesn’t have it at all(!)

    You can find photos of the two side by side here:

    (In all the photos, the real one is shown on the left hand side)

    Bottom line, i expect this mic to last me probably the rest of my life, but if it did need replacing, I’d definitely buy it from a reputable dealer rather than second-hand from anywhere else – not worth the risk!

    • monowavy says:

      Hey, thank you so much. My microphone is going to arrive in the next few days and I’m worried because it was rather cheap. Let’s see how it goes.

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